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About Us

GP care of the highest quality, from babies to the elderly, both male and female. Baby Clinic offers full vaccination programs. Botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures. Diabetic clinic accredited by the CDE centre in Houghton. Electro cardio graphic examinations. (E.C.G.) Gynaecological examinations. Inserting of belly rings.      Lung function tests. Aviation medical examinations.  Anaesthetics at medical aid rates. Travel Clinic with essential immunization for foreign travel. Ultrasound examinations as part of prenatal care in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. Consulting room procedures, suture of wounds, excision of lesions, warts etc. Dental services. Insurance examinations.
Consultation hours: Monday - Friday : 8h00 tot 17h00 Saturday : 8h00 tot 12h00
Drs van Rensburg, Grobler, du Plessis & Jooste 
Dr Redge van Rensburg.                   Dr André Grobler                    Dr Paul du Plessis                             Dr Janine Jacobs.                    Dr Nadine Jooste Dr. Marzanne Oosthuizen
013-282 5272